Fab Dress Ideas for the Trendy Woman in 2021

New year means a new wardrobe. Why not? If you’re looking to upgrade your fashion style and look like a chic, contemporary woman oozing with femininity and confidence, you’ve come to the right place. Especially if you are in a desperate search of outfit ideas for women dresses in 2021.

The 2021 Pantone color of the year is yellow and grey. If you want to use these colors in your outfits or dresses, go for it! But if not, it doesn’t matter. It’s your stylishness that will make you a head-turner.

Be Adventurous in Your Dresses

If you’ve been rather “simple” and “safe” in your fashion sense in the past few years, then it’s time to up your game and spice up your wardrobe. If you love wearing dresses, then start experimenting with different styles, especially those that you don’t normally wear. Be brave, girl!

Furthermore, experiment with colors and prints, discover your body type, and unleash your ultra-feminine side by always going for sexy—never skanky.

Here, we give you a rundown of the top 5 dresses in 2021 for the modern and confident woman. Release that inner fashionista in you and follow our guide!

Maxi Dress

The maxi never goes out of style. Come spring or summer, it is the ultimate sexy outfit perfect for any body shape. It’s typically form-fitting at the top, then transitions to a loose and flow-y bottom, giving you a very feminine silhouette. Maxi dresses have a thousand varieties of prints, sleeve lengths, and necklines. If you’re short-necked, go for the plunging neckline. If you’re on the plus-size, avoid gigantic prints.

Whatever size you are, the prettiest maxi dress is the bohemian kind, with a light solid color, with subtle pleats and ruffles (dress style 4). Match with ankle boots and you’re one sexy boho girl!

Maxi Dress

Button-down Shirt Dress

A button-down maxi shirt dress is one of the major trends these days—as if you’re wearing your boyfriend’s button-down shirt, but extended down to your ankles (dress style 1). It’s loose-fitting with a collar, and comes in avant-garde prints.

You can play up this dress by wearing it as an outer layer, with only a few strategic buttons closed. Underneath, you can wear whatever top you wish, plus shorts, jeans, or trousers. Pair it with platform shoes or riding boots, and you’ll look as if you just stepped out of a magazine cover.

Button-down Shirt Dress

High-Low Dress

If you are looking for outfit ideas for women dresses in 2021, one of the popular trends you’d find is the high-low dress. Cut asymmetrically, it has a longer back and shorter front, so you’d be showing just the right amount of legs. Sexy!

Just so you don’t drag the longer back of the dress against the floor, wear high heels and strut your stuff. For a casual high-low dress, you can opt for high-heeled boots or platforms.

High-Low Dress

Sweater Dress

Casual yet sensual. Wear a knitted sweater dress in any length, and it simply screams a devil-may-care kind of attitude, but comfortable at the same time. Sweater dresses come in various silhouettes, so you can wear one whatever body type you have.

If you’re opting for a mini sweater dress, pair it with thigh-high or ankle boots—and put on your sassiest pair of sunglasses. Or, you can wear a pair of sneakers if you wish to achieve a fresher girl-next-door vibe.

Women Sweater

T-shirt Dress

Perfect for any season and body type, the T-shirt dress comes in any length, but its distinctive feature is the T-shirt neckline. But to add sexiness to the overall look, go for the one that falls just above your knee.


Cool, casual, and sophisticated, this dress can be matched with over-the-knee boots, casual sneakers, or chunky boots. You can wear a denim jacket over it, or snug your waist with a big belt—paired with stilettos. It’s called jazzing up your T-shirt!